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  • Short Reviews of Splendid in its Silence This is a work of profound and generous intimacy. Each poem is a brief intrigue into the dark beauty that can be found in the quotidian and in the quiet ...
  • Susanna Braund reviews Splendid in its Silence From Brick Books Online August 11, 2016 in Celebration of Canadian Poetry Jude Neale presented by Susanna Braund Jude Neale’s latest poetry collection, Splendid in its Silence, delivers yet again what we expect from ...
  • Roger Elkin reviews Splendid in its Silence Roger Elkin, Judge of The Sentinel Poetry Movement Book Prize UK The collection’s title denies the author’s articulate commentary on modern living, as poem after poem explores the guilt and purpose ...
  • A Quiet Coming of Light, by Jude Neale – Leaf Press Review Praise for Jude Neale’s poetry: “A mixture of formal control and emotional weight … I especially liked the simplicity (always much harder to achieve than it appears).” –Sir Andrew Motion, Britain’s Poet ...
  • On Writing ‘Only The Fallen Can See’ My poetry manuscript was hidden beneath a mossy darkness and the relentless tears that drained my days, stole my years. What could I harvest from grief and the sure knowledge ...
  • Only the Fallen Can See, by Jude Neale: A Bowen’s Own Review Review by Richard Labonté A grandfather strokes a grandchild’s chest “to find those places that make him breathe hard.” A man tells a woman she is beautiful, “though I haven’t bathed for three ...
  • Book Launch: Only the Fallen Can See Jude cordially invites you to the launch of “Only the Fallen Can See”  (Leaf Press) “What could I assemble out of grief, out of the sure knowledge of despair? My poems were ...
  • Strange Places where imagination takes us and invents us by Daniela Elza, Jun 21 2011 Last Thursday I helped co-host Twisted Poets with Bonnie Nish. The two features that read that night came from ...

New Book:

Cantata in Two Voices

by Jude Neale and Bonnie Nish
To be published in 2018. Find out more.

Jude Reads Her Poetry

Cantata in Two Voices

Launching in Vancouver and on Bowen Island.

Vancouver: Sunday, October 21st from 5-7pm

With musical guest, composer Thomas Beckman. (See audio player above.)

Bowen Island: Sunday, October 28th, from 4-5:30pm at Collins Hall.

With music by Teun Schut.

Splendid in its Silence

Launched in London on April 8th 2017
The book was published and launched by Sentinel Poetry Movement publishing. On Bowen Island, BC, books are available for sale at Phoenix and other independent book stores. Jude had a big Bowen Island Launch in May 2017.

Jude Neale wins SPM Book Prize

for her book Splendid in its Silence

In describing the work the jury says “This is brave and bold writing: the technique always rising to meet the demands of the poem’s multifarious and far-reaching concerns.” It was presented in spring 2017 in London. Read their full review.