Cantata in Two Voices

poetry by Jude Neale and Bonnie Nish

“Poetry is just the evidence of life.
If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.”

— Leonard Cohen

It has been a delight and challenge to weave our two poetic voices into a single book of poems. We took turns choosing the epigram and all subsequent responses to this trigger. We met in person only once and conceived and created each poem on the internet with one writer taking on the job of editor. We felt we needed to have a consistent eye to allow both voices to be heard in a unified form.  As the work unfolded our voices began a dance that quickly turned closely around one another, unique but usually in sync – the final edits caught the spaces where we stepped too far away.

Because of the nature of the project we collaborated on all aspects of the writing. We set a goal to write a book in fifty days allowing for the fifty pages to complete our manuscript.

After intense and exhilarating exchange of ideas we are proud to introduce our work, Cantata in Two Voices. We hope you enjoy reading the dozens of epigrams by an international pantheon of poets. We both felt these were the key to inspiration and acted like an unwrapped gift, just waiting to be discovered.

This is a completely unique collection of poems, written by two experienced poets and based on the words of other writers.

We hope you are transformed in some small way by our collaborative collection, Cantata in Two Voices.

Jude Neale/Bonnie Nish

Jude Reads Her Poetry

Coming Events

Jude will be launching her new book A Blooming: On Bowen Island, June 9 from 4pm - 5:30 at Collins Hall, and in Vancouver June 16th from 4-5:30 at Massey Books - 229 E Georgia Street. Admission is free for both events. Come and enjoy!

Reading at the University of the Fraser Valley, March 14 with Bonnie Nish

March 22, Planet Earth Poetry Victoria, with Bonnie Nish

April 27 concert with Thomas RL Beckman on Bowen Island with Bonnie Nish Tuesday April 30 Jewish Community Centre

World Premiere of the St. Roch Suite! 10th Anniversary Gala reading to specific Art installations. 9 March, 2019
Prince George Symphony Orchestra,
Performance by Jude Neale (poet) and Thomas R.L. Beckman (composer)