Tongue Speak

On the tip of my tongue I hold you.

You slip into rosewater words
shadows cast behind recall
the quiet dust of death’s white lilies.

I fall into this undergrowth yearning
for doubts to skip away like pebbles
over the silvery sea.

A moon whispers
you have come home

but I can’t find you anywhere.
In the envelope of my silence

you’re once again ambushed
by my muddy brown grief.

You clasp a different package against your heart
as though the wrapping can keep you safe.

Now it’s summer mornings that smear my sorrow
with the quiet hum of lilacs and grasses
held in small relief.

You disappear into the stomach of a lion
the distance between us

is only a swallow
a slip of rings and promises neither of us
can keep.

I am a held breathe waiting for you
to push us past deliberation

of the cost of 98 cent tomatoes
or the weight of this useless love.

The air is redolent of a remembered touch
where oxygen levels never rise past zero.

Don’t come to me looking
for the white worms of my forgiveness.

Tonight dance a clatters of bones with me,
fall into my open arms.

Soon we will diminish
across this tundra landscape
of forgotten desire.

Coming Events

Jude is launching her eighth book of poetry Impromptu! She'll be on a mini tour between now and June, when she begins her Poetry Residency at Joy Kogawa House. Admission is free for all events. She will be selling her new book and poetry CD.

Launch on Bowen Island at Collins Hall - Sunday, March 8 at Collins Hall - 4:00-5:30

Reading at The Writers Studio, Simon Fraser University - March 12

Reading at Cottage Bistro on Main St. in Vancouver - date and time TBA

Vancouver Launch at Murray Adaskin Studio, Vancouver - Saturday April 4 - 7:00-8:30

Readings in Nanaimo and Victoria later this spring - dates and times TBA

Jude Reads Her Poetry