A Blooming

a book of poetry by Jude Neale

Coming in 2018; printed by SPM London.

Like sand sifted between splayed fingers my meandering path has left behind deep shells of longing and purple joy.

A moment glimmers in a poem depicting the ordinary becoming extraordinary with imagery, that I hope, captures the texture and intent of my life. 

I touch on the vagaries of loss, the heat of longing and the tang of disappointment in this poetic collection. My relationships and encounters are central to my writing process.

I have gathered these autobiographical snippets into a clutch of pastel and florid blooms, a cadenza of colour.

Each poem takes the reader closer to the Labyrinth of my life. I offer you a glimpse of the beauty and despair that connect each and every one of us.

“There was after all no mystery in the end of love, no mystery, the mystery of love itself,
which was large certainly as real as grass, as natural and unaccountable as bloom and branch and their growth.”

Little, Big by John Crowley

Coming Events

Jude is launching her eighth book of poetry Impromptu! She'll be on a mini tour between now and June, when she begins her Poetry Residency at Joy Kogawa House. Admission is free for all events. She will be selling her new book and poetry CD.

Launch on Bowen Island at Collins Hall - Sunday, March 8 at Collins Hall - 4:00-5:30

Reading at The Writers Studio, Simon Fraser University - March 12

Reading at Cottage Bistro on Main St. in Vancouver - date and time TBA

Vancouver Launch at Murray Adaskin Studio, Vancouver - Saturday April 4 - 7:00-8:30

Readings in Nanaimo and Victoria later this spring - dates and times TBA

Jude Reads Her Poetry