The Flaw

A black bowl with several long cracks, each filled with gold. Cover of the book The Flaw by Jude Neale

Authors comment on Jude Neale’s forthcoming book, The Flaw

In her latest collection, Jude Neale shares freshly intimate and richly evocative poems. Her words inspire with a uniquely creative and precise selection of concept and meter. Each verse becomes its own tale, footsteps leading us on a delicate trek through emotion. Neale’s engrossing text is reminiscent of the revealing and cathartic work of Simon Armitage, while a love of the natural world is akin to the brilliance of her poetic peer Mary Oliver. This new poetry by Jude Neale deserves to be savoured, in its way a culinary adventure, with its own course—like a flight of insight, beauty, and sensory engagement. – Bill Arnott, author of Gone Viking: A Travel Saga and Gone Viking II: Beyond Boundaries

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Jude Neale has brushed up against a measure of greatness within herself. In her latest book, The Flaw. Her words make you pause, for there is always a glimmer of hope then there isn’t… Their weight can last a lifetime. A philosopher-poet like Jude, meanders through realms of the internal. Her poems are deep and vulnerable, honest, and spiritually humble. —Ruth Hill has published over 400 poems. Jude Neale’s poems shimmer with the beauty of transcendence: Rooms with keys become a song of gratitude. A frightened heart turns into a dance with angels. These are the ‘flaws’ where the light of truth steals in. Through her poetry, Jude accomplishes what few of us can – she beams that healing light into those places of pain and sorrow – and celebrates them. – Edythe Hanen

Jude Neale, a smiling woman with white hair and piercing eyes/As in the Japanese art of Kintsugi, where vessels are made whole, where jagged shards are healed with gold, Jude Neale deftly calls in magic to heal our collective heart, in her book, The Flaw. Gathering together the alchemy of earth and sky, time and memory, spirit and longing in a compassionate embrace, she reveals her own heart grown wise and rich with human experience in her writing.  – Sylvia Taylor, author, poet and editor/writing coach.

Jude Neale’s eleventh collection of poems, The Flaw, is an earthy evocation of hope, sorrow, joy and yearning. There is an honest sincerity and care in these poems and the kind of deep empathy too often negated in our dystopian age. As Jude Neale writes, “…will you raise the white flag or dance with the angels….” – Timothy Shay author of This Cabin is the SS Titanic

Jude Neale’s poems are a leaping-off place where the soul begins to search for home. Her poems remind us to love fiercely despite the heavy burdens of our past and the ever-quickening arrival of life’s end. These poems are honest, innocent, vibrant—allowing for neither easy answers nor easy evasions—reminding us that “the hard white light/of remembering/ will bleach every bone.” Neale’s The Flaw is both the wound and the healing. – Angela Rebrec, writer, multidisciplinary artist, and producer of award-winning poetry films.

With The Flaw Jude Neale once again guides us through the dens of the mind, the valleys of the heart and the heights of our collective humanity. With a sweeping inclusion of the varieties of contemporary existence, she illustrates our times from ‘dog pee on the carpet’ to death by ‘the scream of the brakes’: in the blackness I struck a match a lone spark A lone spark indeed; The Flaw is a masterful poetic precis of what it is to be human. – Dennis E. Bolen, author of Black Liquor

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  • Book launch for The Flaw, at the Canadian Music Centre BC on November 6 at 3:30-5pm.

  • Jude read from Naxos Greece on Saturday September 17 @ 1:00 pm-2:00 pm. PDT time. The event included Jude Neale, reading from The River Answers (Ekstasis Editions) | Shani Mootoo, Cane Fire (Book*Hug Press) | Alan Hill, In the Blood (Caitlin Press), all speaking from different places on Earth.
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  • The Bowen Island launch for Inside the Pearl was on October 1, 2021, 7:30pm, at the Hearth Gallery.
  • Guernica launched on Zoom Sep 12, 2021 - 12:30 Pacific
  • Launch at Joy Kogawa House, Vancouver on September 19, 2021 at 4pm. Jude read several poems from the book with photographs.
  • Jude will facilitated a workshop on Sunday, August 8: "Impromptu, Poetry Writing from 1-2pm on Bowen Island. Register
  • In the afternoon, Jude read from A Blooming, Impromptu, The River Answers and The Flaw, from between 2:30 and 5pm on Bowen Island. She was one of several Bowen writers performing at that time. More Info

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