Book Launch: Only the Fallen Can See

Jude cordially invites you to the launch of

“Only the Fallen Can See”  (Leaf Press)

“What could I assemble out of grief, out of the sure knowledge of despair? My poems were held together by the awful weight of bipolar disorder. Each one reflecting back another facet of myself struggling to remain above water.

The poems are about love, even the fractured love you find ‘when all you can do is sigh yes’. And they are about hope. The hope that was fashioned out of pills and the touch of a loving hand linking me to a life well lived.”

Sunday, May 1

The Gallery at Artisan Square

4:00 – 5:30,    Reading from 4:30

Musical stylings by Elaine Taylor, Teun Schut and Buff Allen

Refreshments will be served